Sauna and water area

(nuo 15m.)
(7-14 m.)
(60+ m.)
Vienkartinių apsilanlymų trukmė neribota

10-time abonement

230.00 €


10-time abonement

160.00 €


Šeimai (2 suaugę+ 2 vaikai 7-14m.)

89.00 €

*Papildomas vaikas 10 eur

Sauna and water area

Relax and enjoy the pleasures provided by water! “Harmony Park” pool and sauna area is dedicated to that. The subtle, soothing environment and the irreplaceable effects of water will help distance away from the turmoil, haste, noise of the city and restore inner balance while delighting in the natural surroundings. The modern water and air purification system will guarantee a safe and comfortable relaxation time.

Baseino ir pirčių erdvės darbo laikas


You will find in the water and sauna area:

Entertainment pool with water cascades, massage nooks, loungers, and underwater geysers
Atypically low chlorine levels in water
A 25- meter long, 4- lane swimming pool
Cold water pool
Saunas: sauna, steam sauna, infrared sauna, Kelo sauna

Refreshing beverage bar

Revitalize yourself at the bar located in the water and sauna area, taste healthy cocktails and ice creams served with exotic fruits. You can comfortably enjoy the refreshing offerings of the bar in the entire water and sauna area.

We suggest refreshing:

Herbal tea
Healthy non alkoholic cocktails
Ice cream


Be sure to visit us in our authentic hammam! Immerse yourself in the pleasures of distant lands without leaving Lithuania. Choose from a variety of body procedures and therapies performed on heated marble sunbeds in the exotic light and aromatic steam-filled room. Such enjoyment cannot be described, so it’s better to see it once rather than hear about it a hundred times!

In the space awaits you:

Luxurious VIP relaxation space
Aromatherapy steam sauna
Turkish bath
Luxurious marble bed


In the water and sauna area we offer various saunas to choose from – ranging from a warm steam or infrared sauna to a hot Finnish sauna. Indulge yourself with your favorite one or try them all!

You are welcome in as many as 4 saunas:

Infrared sauna (up to 55°C, humidity 25%)
Kelo sauna (from 55 up to 85°C, humidity from 20 up to 45%)
Steam sauna (from 50°C up to 70°C, humidity from 80 up to 100%)
Sauna  (up to 90°C, humidity 30%)
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