Areas for weddings

Marriage is a solemn vow, a joining together of common values therefore the place where you will make this important step is particularly important. In order for this union of two people to be successful, it is important to choose the appropriate environment, one which fosters values, harmony with the nature, philosophy and good energy. Harmony Park is that place;, mesmerising by its beauty, romance, harmony and tranquillity, embracing its visitors with the harmony of the beautiful forests of Dzūkija. Harmony Park has a multitude of areas suitable for weddings. We can host your celebration in the 5 star hotel, in one of the villas, on a terrace or under the open sky. Our dedicated staff will plan your event to the smallest detail and your guests will be able to enjoy the most important moments of your lives. The With more than territory of more than 200 hectaresa we will provide you with what you need for your perfect occasioneverything you need .
The statue of the Children of the Sun, is built on top of an impressive mound and commands a unique position towards the entrance to Harmony Park ad is surrounded by the unique forest landscape. This is the place where the newly-weds and their parents “light and transfer the fire of their family hearth”. At Harmony Park you can have a photosession with our beautiful horses. Furthmore, our professional kitchen team will cook a wonderful festive dinner from local vegetables, herbs, berries and fruits.
Weddings at Harmony Park mean unforgettable sensations; an expression of harmony between two people needs a perfect beginning.