The area of water and saunas

Swimming and various procedures using warm or cold water are known to have a positive impact on the human body. Warm water relaxes muscles, allowing the brain to stop responding to external irritants, relax and readjust. It provides the blood with plenty of the “happy hormones” – endorphins. Floating on the surface of the water reduces body weight by 90%, resulting in memorable senses of relaxation that cannot be achieved when bathing in shower or a bath tub. Our long experience in working in the area of water and saunas enables us to confidently reconfirm the scientifically-proven versatile, complex, prominent and fast therapeutic effects of water.
Relaxing in sauna relieves stress even more: a warm, calm environment without external irritants and pleasant heat relaxes body muscles. Sauna procedures are very beneficial not only for body, but also the mind and helps to provide a sound, deep sleep. Saunas stimulate circulation and cellular activity, sweating skin gets rid of old cells and bacteria by itself, regaining natural softness, vitality and a healthy appearance. Regular sauna procedures not only train heart muscles and improve its work, but also adjust bodily activities.
We welcome you to enjoy our water procedures, relax and improve your health in our world of water and saunas!

The water and sauna area is open Monday – Sunday, from 10 AM until 10 PM.
Children up to 10 years old are welcome at the water and sauna area from 10 AM until 4 PM.
At the water and sauna area of “Harmony Park” SPA you will find:
Whirlpool with waterfalls, massage coves and underwater geysers;
25 m swimming pool;
Cold water pool for refreshing after a sauna;
Saunas: sauna, steam room, infrared sauna;
Kelo log sauna (Thursday – Sunday);
Pleasant music, warm and cosy environment, exceptional personal attention;
A number of SPA procedures (for additional fee);
Healthy and tasty SPA shakes (for additional fee).

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