How many rituals do we perform daily, from the morning coffee in our favorite cup to the evening walk along the usual path! We often do this hurriedly and tensely, missing out on the pleasure and relaxation that could be experienced under better circumstances. The power of a ritual fully reveals itself in a harmonious environment, where we are surrounded by peace, beauty, coziness, and professionalism. You can find such an environment at “Harmony Park.”

“Harmony Park” offers rituals that you can create by stepping away from the chaos of everyday life and listening to your true needs.

Let’s show love to ourselves, thank our bodies, and delight our souls with harmonious SPA rituals!

Prices start from 115.00 € Check list


SPA Ritual “Detox&Balance” for Two

205.00 €

SPA Ritual “Silken Goddess Body”

60 min
115.00 €
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