Planning a wedding

Marriage is the creation of a new family which is the source of strength, support and other core values. The enhancing atmosphere for making this new step is definitely important. We offer you the perfect combination of harmony and nature, the amazing ambience of love, romance, faith and wisdom. Leave all the planning tasks to our professional event organisers who will do their best to meet your needs and expectations so that you can give your full, undivided attention to each other and share the special moments with your guests.

Exclusive wedding space

“Harmony Park“ is the perfect unity of luxury and captivating beauty of nature. This is why we can offer amazing spaces for romantic and unforgettable wedding ceremonies and celebrations. If you wish, it might take place even on the hotel roof terrace, a high-class luxury restaurant “Simboly“ or in a cosy boutique-style „Amethyst“ ballroom. For weddings up to 120 guests we offer a spacious „Pearl“ ballroom. Villa complex “ Išmintis“ or “Erdvės“ will be the perfect choice for lovers of beautiful natural surroundings.

  • “In&Jang“ square – up to 300 persons / exclusive wedding space
  • Restaurant “Simboly“ – hotel luxury restaurant is the perfect space for different personal or corparate events ( up to 100 persons)
  •  “Perl“ ballroom
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