Private celebrations

Special place for your private celebrations

„Harmony Park“ is an amazing place for private or corporate celebrations and other special events.

We offer a luxurious 5 Star Hotel, countryside villas (depending on the type of the event), you might also want to choose sports grounds or a hippodrome for unique massive events or concerts with an open stage. This experience will definitely leave a lasting impression! Enjoy your celebration and admire the wonderful view of natural landscape!


Christening celebration

Christening is a really special moment for every family. We offer beautiful cosy spaces for this unique celebration. Our event organizers will arrange every detail of the event to meet your needs and make this day a memorable experience. Also, we organize Baby Shower events.



“Harmony Park“ offers elegant spaces and cozy atmosphere for birthday celebrations. Our event organizers will arrange every detail of the event to meet your needs an make you feel the guest of this special day!

Bachelorette celebration

„Harmony Park“ offers unforgettable experience for companies of friends. We will do our best to create the most exciting impressions and memorable moments! We offer accommodation, catering service as well as various entertainment possibilities.

Other celebrations

„Harmony Park“ offers various spaces for personal celebrations, corporate events and other occasions. Our aim is to meet different needs: high class hotel for luxury celebrations, countryside villa complexes or outdoor spaces for massive events, concerts, etc.

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