The 30-place Amethyst Hall situated on the first floor of the hotel hosts small balls. The space of the Amethyst Hall, characterised by refined décor, is also perfect for banquets.

The centrepiece of the elegant hall is the amethysts brought here from as far as Brazil. One of the largest in Europe, weighing more than half a ton, highest-quality (the so-called Deep Siberian) amethysts not only decorate the interior, create a solid environment and help to concentrate, but also have an enormous impact on the emotional state.

For its noble and mesmerising rich purple colour, amethyst has been considered as a royal gem since the old days. It was particularly valued and used by various aristocrats, kings and nobles. The word “amethyst” translated from the ancient Greek means “common sense” and “not drunk”. Ancient cultures believed that this gem can protect from any negative addictions. It was believed that it helps to maintain a sober mind and vigilance, avoid hasty decisions or extreme emotions. Amethyst radiates serenity, balance, harmony, helps to concentrate, gives emotional stability and thus is particularly suitable for people engaged in mental work. It may help entrepreneurs to make correct and successful decisions, improve their memory.