The Seasonal Hall is situated in the Synergy area near the Southern American-style Synergy Cottages, cosy Tea room and the spacious Strength Villa. The name of Seasonal Hall already suggests that this spacious area is prepared for celebrations and events in the warm season. You can actually enjoy your special moments in this hall in any weather!
The Seasonal Hall can be opened out, turning its space into a huge terrace. In the evenings or in case of cooler weather, we can cover the hall and supply heaters in order for you to continue your cosy evening even when the sun is down. The Seasonal Hall stands out with its unusual decorations too: it is full of all kinds of symbols. The Hall is decorated with eight sculptures of different meanings, which give the space of the conference hall exclusivity.
A large stained glass window and roof decorations give this hall an extraordinary cosiness and elegance. The Seasonal Hall is perfect for larger summer events: concerts, anniversaries and company celebrations. We are ready to cater for your guests with freshly-made food directly from the kitchens of the Tea room.
The stylish Synergy Cottages and the welcoming Strength Villa are ready to accommodate everyone wishing to spend the night after the event. After the event or in the morning the guests may refresh themselves swimming in the nearby pond, playing beach volleyball, basketball or tennis, or riding a horse in a professional horse riding area.