Pearl Hall is known for its subtle luxury and is conveniently located on the second floor of the Hotel Simboly. Its layout and interior make it particularly suitable for large celebrations and other festivities. Guests will be definitely mesmerised by the exceptional luxury of Pearl Hall; the natural marble mosaic floor and a ceiling decorated with Swarovski chandeliers of incomparable beauty.
Another original detail is that the Pearl Hall is vertically connected with the hotel’s library on the third floor. Raising your eyes to the ceiling you will see more natural light, luxury and space.
Pearl Hall is ideal for luxurious wedding celebrations. Guests attending your special day will enjoy the subtle white shades, original lighting and luxurious comfort. Catering to the hall comes directly from the restaurant on the first floor of the Hotel Simboly ensuring speedy and efficient service.
Pearl Hall can be extended by opening up the partitions and merging it with the Aquamarine Hall next door. In case of even larger groups of guests, we can extend the
The layout of the Aquamarine Hall makes it convenient for building a stage, which would be visible for all guests in the Pearl Hall.
And that is not all! The space of the Pearl Hall is visually expanded by huge windows, with a breathtaking view over Harmony Park. It is particularly beautiful in spring, when the entire square is visible from the windows of the Pearl Hall bloom covered with bright-coloured tulips. The Pearl Hall is also cleverly connected to the entire hotel with a staircase on one side and an elevator on the other. Thus, your guests will be able to enjoy not only impressive views, but also a convenient access to all floors of the hotel.