SPA recreation area

SPA procedures and rituals require not only time, but also the appropriate state of mind, in order for you to relax and get the most out of the effects of the wellness procedures. Guests going into or coming from the premises for SPA rituals and procedures are welcome to spend some relaxation time in the special SPA lounge area.

Everything here was created for you to forget the rest of the world and find time only for yourself. The SPA area was designed using a subtle effect of colours, sounds and smells pleasant to the human body and soul. The SPA area is decorated with gilded mosaics, while impressive Turkish lights highlight the luxurious atmosphere. Our aim is to preserve your peace as long as possible, thus these premises are always softly lit, with relaxing music in the background, full of pleasant fragrances.

After the procedures we welcome all our SPA visitors to have a cup of natural herbal tea, which we believe will improve your health even more.