SPA day

The SPA here at “Harmony Park” is a unique area for those who want to engage in pleasant and deeply relaxing sauna rituals that improve health. Here you will be able to forget the entire world and submerge into the bliss of the subtleties of SPA procedures, get to know the peculiarities of sauna traditions from exotic countries, enjoy natural fragrances of warm essential oils and healing touches of experienced SPA professionals. Several hours of SPA rituals will have a lasting effect on your body, mind and soul; they will enrich the scope of your sensations and help you feel harmony with yourself.

We perform these rituals in spacious, specially equipped rooms, where you will be able to enjoy complete serenity and personal attention. We will pamper not only your sensations, but also your skin – there is no better way to refresh, rejuvenate and make it softer than with SPA procedures. We offer a variety of SPA rituals created especially for you and you will definitely find something that you like.

During the SPA rituals, we will carefully scrub your body with particularly healthy and natural preparations, wrap you with skin-firming materials and massage it with health-giving creams. Pleasant fragrances will stimulate your sense of smell, while your skin will relax and be nourished with various masks. Our experienced masseurs will help you to get to know the particularities of your body and get rid of the unpleasant sensations. We offer not only back but also entire body massages, face and head massages, as well as careful external and internal cleansing procedures that will help you feel years younger.

Our SPA rituals are perfect for individuals, groups of friends or couples. Invite your beloved one to enjoy a Romantic Retreat, dive into the Wave of Sensations or experience the unique Harmony of Love. A mother and a daughter or future parents will really enjoy the cosy Chocolate Dream or the exotic Turkish Kiss. A group of friends will appreciate the particularly girly ritual Between Us Girls, while a team of men will enjoy the empowering Power of Strength or the Energy of Success. The choice of our SPA rituals is so wide that everyone will certainly find something that they like!

We wish you an unforgettable experience at our SPA and always look forward to seeing you again!