Kelo sauna

It takes a whole year for trees only found in Northern Finland and Carelia to become kelo logs. These trees grow in the harsh conditions of their homeland for about three centuries and, having dried out, they keep standing upright in the northern forests for 20 years or more after their demise. This transformation results in polished silvery logs of dry and light wood. The kelo sauna of the SPA Simboly was built from naturally-aged logs and fits well in the harmonious environment. This preserved and cherished ancient knowledge, as well as modern technology are ideal for those that value sauna traditions dating back to ancient days.
A pleasant warmth (55-85°C) and the cosy environment of the sauna will heat you up, foster pleasant conversations and encourage you to try a number of sauna procedures that will relax your body and soul. The most favourite include sauna besom procedures, which are particularly pleasant at 20-45% humidity.  In the kelo sauna you can both lay down (which is recommended by sauna specialists) or sit. When the sauna becomes warm enough, it is advisable to open the small window, take a look to the external world, feel fresh wind or listen to the tranquillity of nature. Kelo sauna improves one’s sense of well-being, mood, increases stamina, stabilises movements, restores spiritual balance and simply helps you to relax.  

Kelo sauna is open Thursday – Sunday.