Which types of cuisines do you admire?

What I admire most is the cuisine, which respects the natural taste of various products and focuses on highlighting it. I don’t like using a lot of spices, because in my opinion they may also ruin the natural qualities of the product. When eating you should feel the original taste of the dish with accompanying flavours and not the opposite.

Do you like to experiment or do you follow recipes?

I believe that you firstly create dishes in your imagination. Nevertheless, they say that imagination is a mixture of various experiences. Thus I always like to try different cuisines and find an interesting synthesis of flavours and textures. Finding new flavours is fun and it’s even greater to “invent” the classic flavours anew.

What aspects do you consider most when creating the restaurant’s menu?

Guests come first. If I made a menu based on my own preferences, the main course would be dark chocolate.

Based on what criteria do you choose the ingredients of your dishes?

The majority of the food is grown here – at the Harmony Park. We don’t use any chemical fertilisers, so our harvest is probably not as abundant as it could be, but its taste is definitely better than that of the fertilised plants. We also gather a number of our goods in the forest. We cooperate with local farmers, so the food served at our restaurant is very much “local”.

Where is the key to success of SIMBOLY restaurant?

The enthusiastic and harmonious team, devoted professionals and passion for the food culture.