Photosession with horses

Photos with people and horses radiate serenity and harmony. Each captured moment between a human and a horse is very sensitive and magic. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in a photosession with horses and you will be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful photos in your life. We will offer the best horses for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays or personal photosessions, while your photographer will be able to choose from a number of areas in our 200 ha Harmony Park – meadows, fields, forests, picturesque and mesmerising landscapes.

*Photosession with 1 horse1 h75 EUR
*Photosession with 2 horses1 h110 EUR
Horse breed presentation45 min.130 EUR
The photosession with horses include: horse(s), the opportunity to take photos in the closed riding area or beautiful outdoor setting. Service length - 1 h
*The photosession takes place with your personal equipment or photographer

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