Summer camps

Indiego – children’s and youth summer camps, developing independent, creative and confident personalities. Indiego organises camps for children aged 8-12 and youth aged 13-18.

Why choose Indiego?

Safe environment
The camps take place at the newly established camping of the Harmony Park. The entire Park is a closed territory, constantly monitored by security cameras. There are no shops or strangers in the Park.

Active program
The program of the camp is arranged in a way that no time is wasted. From morning to evening children are engaged in various activities, which develop their creativity, confidence, team work and leadership skills. We also organise horseback riding, swimming, hiking and other additional entertainment.

Professional leaders
The leaders working in the camp are experienced and have specific education. Before starting their work all of our leaders participate in special training. 1 leader supervises 5 children.

Balanced diet
We eat four times a day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. The food is prepared at the SIMBOLY restaurant. The daily ration is balanced in a way that the body receives all the necessary daily nutrients.

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