Harmony park

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Ones internal harmony and ones relationship with people, family and community requires an harmonious environment coupled with activities and leisure. Harmony Park is the place where life exists within an incomparable environment of nature – centuries-old forests, young oakery, bird songs, fresh air and inspiring peacefulness. The Park was been established in 2010 by Augustinas Rakauskas, a major shareholder and board member of the Senukai group, in the hope that this environment would help people interact, unite and create conditions for developing a new and better attitude towards the universe.

The park is famous for its various symbols that embody the human desire to connect, rekindling the good origins and development of consciousness. One of the most memorable pieces on display is the famous Children of the Sun statue; a 13-metre-high sculpture on an artificial mound, symbolising physical unity and spiritual light. From a distance it does not look large but standing nearby one is instantly reminded of how small we actually are and how much we can achieve by harmonious union (more on the meaning of the sculpture: Augustinas Rakauskas, Globali jausmo proto dvasia, p. 528-535).

The Park also hosts a number of events of national importance, which include the Family Festival, a free event gathering families from all over Lithuania, also the Meeting of World Lithuanian Youth, a festival of business, culture, politics and science, the patron of which is the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė.

The 200 hectares of natural environment that makes up Harmony Park is full of villas of all sizes, an indoor horse riding area, and an outdoor riding arena that meets international standards, several ponds for swimming, a stage area, and various small hotels including the 5* star hotel – Simboly, which attracts visitors through its exquisite luxury, and modernity coupled with a locally renown SPA.

What makes the Park unique is the variety of spaces suitable for weddings. At the demand of the newly-weds, their celebration can take place at the hotel, in one of the villas, in a terrace or under the open sky. The employees of the park will plan the event to the smallest detail and the guests will be able to enjoy the most important moments of their lives. Wedding gives meaning to the meeting of two people, while a wedding celebration in a harmonious environment marks the beginning of the union of two different families and their friends.

Visitors to the park can stay in 17 luxury villas ranging from one bedroom to 4 bedrooms yet all equipped with modern conveniences and suitable for accommodating groups of families, friends and colleagues. Near the Synergy cottage there is a comfortable seasonal hall for events, suitable for 150-300 people.

Located close to the Villas and smaller hotels, you can relax in 4 outdoor saunas complete with a bath-house attendant, who will introduce you to various sauna rituals for your body and soul.

In total, Harmony park can accommodate over 240 people in villas and hotels in addition to numerous camping sites for tents and campers.

A complex of summer cottages can be used for both individual recreation or children’s camps in nature. The visitors will be delighted by ponds, modern camping, sports grounds, bicycle and Nordic walking trails.

Harmony Park is a great example of a socially responsible business; focusing on the importance of creating conditions for people to communicate in peaceful, friendly and creative environment. In 2013 the Park was awarded with the Lithuanian tourism equivalent of an Oscar in recognition of its services.


 Our concept of recreation


The human body and the soul create a harmonious unity; physical and mental health are inseparable and interrelated. When developing the concept of the Harmony Park we searched for the right balance – how to treat the body and soul with equal responsibility – and thus focused our attention on the smallest details in order to create an environment where people looking for recreation could relax, gain peace and inspiration.
The Park is constantly renewed with the an aim to create a harmonious system, which firstly focuses on people’s psychophysiological possibilities and combines the need for active and passive recreation. Our goal is to create the optimum conditions that increase physical and mental refreshment. We place a lot of attention on the environment of the park; its cleanliness, the harmony of the buildings, in order to create positive atmosphere of the cooperation between the nature and human hands.
Visitors come to Harmony Park for different goals – some of them want to find spiritual peace, others to improve their health and reconnect with nature, to enjoy a festive dinner or organise a successful business meeting. Treating individual purposes of each of our visitors with respect, we seek to create a unique, harmonious spirit in Harmony Park hoping to positively influence the well-being of each of our guests, regardless of their purpose.
You will find that Harmony Park is full of symbols and pieces of art inviting our visitors for the most important dialogue in life – the dialogue with oneself.
Our goal is to do everything in our power so that an exhausted person could come to Harmony Park and experience the sense of fullness, restore the natural biorhythm, gain more energy, as well as accumulate wise love for life and the World.  Thus we can boldly claim that Harmony Park is a state of being!



200 hectares of harmony